Search Engine (Google,Yandex , Bing,) Ranking Factors Feb 2023 Based on leaks

Based on Yandex leaks and before the introduction of google Bard and AI chatbots as on February 7 2023 this is roughly how google ranking fa...

Based on Yandex leaks and before the introduction of google Bard and AI chatbots as on February 7 2023 this is roughly how google ranking factors look. You can say yandex is not google but for a large number of queries Yandex and google have a good number of similar results around 40% All of these ranking factors is based on community research I have collected them but References are listed below

Search Engine Ranking Factors 2023

This is the overall breakup of search engine ranking factors User Signals hold the most importance followed by links and then followed by text and content relevance. the overall is 1800 ranking factors in Yandex

User Signals:

  1.  CTR, last-click, time on site, bounce rate.
  2. If your url whould be the last for search session it is positive.
  3. Returning users is positive.
  4. Percentage of direct traffic is a ranking factor
  5. Traffic and % of organic traffic
  6. Keywords in URL is a ranking factors.  the optimal would be include up to 3 words from the search query.
  7. Average domain position across all queries
  8. Number of search queries of your site/url is positive
  9. Traffic from Wikipedia is positive


  1. Age of links is a ranking factor.
  2. Backlinks from the top 100 best websites by PageRank impacts on rankings.
  3. backlinks anchors contain all words from the query keywords - it's good for SEO. If it is in a one link - it's more beneficial. Especially if the order of words is the same as the query
  4. Ratio "good" vs "bad" backlinks is a ranking factor.
  5. Document age and last update
  6. Backlinks from main pages are more important than from internal pages.
  7. Link relevance based on topics.
  8. Backlinks built from homepages carry more weight than internal pages.
  9. Link relevance based on the quality of each link.
  10. Link relevance, taking into account the quality of each link, and the topic of each link.
  11. Link relevance, taking into account the non-commercial nature of each link.
  12. Percentage of inbound links with query words.
  13. Percentage of query words in links (up to a synonym).
  14. The links contain all the words of the query (up to a synonym).
  15. Dispersion of the number of query words in links.
  16. The frequency of links to the site. 
  17. The number of incoming SEO trash links between hosts.

Other Ranking Factors

There are also specific ranking factors for:
  1. 10 ranking factors for time-of-day and day-of-week: Ranking fluctuates over weekend and day
  2. There are ranking factors for using Yandex Metrika, Google Analytics, and JavaScript from Facebook
  3. Links and mentions from Wikipedia get extra weight
  4. Special treatment for websites  HTTPS 
  5.  Authorship 
  6. Detection of translated content 
  7. Page Speed 
  8. User Reviews/Comments

Quality: Host, Page and Text

There are 40  Quality-Based ranking factors based on  Host, Page and Text With the following Being the breakup As Deduced by Maltelanwehr
Site/Host Quality: 
  1. Average freshness of content 
  2. Average text quality 
  3. Historic performance of content 
  4. Hosts are categorized into low/acceptable/good/excellent quality 
  5.  "Pays attention to site details" 
  6. Your Money Your Life (YMYL) rules are mostly host-specific, not document-specific!
  7. Special punishment for hosts that only rewrite the content or buy content from content marketplaces
Text Quality: 
  1. natural occurrence of verbs, adjectives, pronouns, etc. 
  2. various approaches to detect automatically generated content

Page Quality: 
  1.  404 status code of embedded/linked content 
  2. broken video files are especially bad Embed videos - good for rankings. Broken embed videos - bad.
  3. Amount of advertisement on page is a ranking factor. Less = better.
  4. Negative The presence of numbers in the URL.
  5. Negative  The number of trailing slashes in the URL (and if they are excessive).
  6. The number of capital letters in the URL is a factor.
  7. Crawl Depth is a factor closer to homepage is better


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