Gatekeeper Playing God Problem

Gatekeepers hold complete control over digital life spammers, publishers, big brands, and creators battle over how much they can get out fro...

Gatekeepers hold complete control over digital life spammers, publishers, big brands, and creators battle over how much they can get out from gatekeepers
1.) Google:  
a) Identifies Big Brands and tries to send them traffic
b) Big Brands don't cover all the keywords 
c) Identify for non-top-level keywords Sub Brands for example sites like spruce, Healthline etc )and gives them traffic
d) On the long tail where there are no brands and sub-brands it tries to identify which is the best result

Google has to play God and identify top-level sub-brands for example why choose spruce over bhg and give spruce so much power that it brought BHG  despite BHG being a magazine and a bigger brand in the pre-internet world.

On the Long tail Google plays god again and tries to identify the best website and reward it.

Google uses algorithms to do its gatekeeping role which moves more and more towards Machine learning, classifiers, and feedback from human raters from the original PageRank which used links from seed or top brands to identify who was a good website.

Spammers, Small Publishers and Creators are all fighting for this pie on the long tail keywords, but frankly I cannot figure out why crap websites rank better than my content.

2) Social networks ( Instagram , Tiktok)
a) Didn't gave any option for links at all
b) Now instead of publishers or big brands you have to boost creators and at the start the process was easy but then everybody starts becoming creators
c) Platform plays god and starts rewarding creators and has to differentiate from scammers
d) Going Viral is like a spike or hype it is just a function of right content at right time and the moment you go viral people copy you.
e) Live on the platform

3) Youtube
a) live on the platform
b) Search + Social combination
Has problem of both 1 and 2

4) Twitter 
Made for Creators but not for consuming audience
Serves as content pool for other platforms
A Version of RSS with Content as well as opinions of individuals
Serves great for subscription as it is creators subscribing to other creators

5) Android and Apple App store
Serves for apps the same thing which is there for websites

6) Amazon and other marketplaces for sellers

7) Uber for car drivers

8) Food delivery platforms for riders

Again all  of them gatekeepers playing god problem I will love them if they help me but hate them when they don't.

Problem Technology creates centralized gatekeepers on whose algorithms you have to dance if you are not them look at this keyword there is not a single link on the page which is essentially where gatekeepers are going


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