SEO 2023 - Artificial Intelligence, Information Similarity & Information Gain

This piece is think piece and aimed at not being seo optimized otherwise I would need to add headings saying SEO 2023 and give it a structur...

This piece is think piece and aimed at not being seo optimized otherwise I would need to add headings saying SEO 2023 and give it a structure  which google's algo likes the idea is only if you know me you should know about this blog and the content on this blog This is ideally too long for a twitter thread  and too niche for a newsletter

Kinds of Keywords

There are two kinds of keywords evergreen or information similar keywords and information dissimilar keywords. Information similar contents are those where you will see featured snippets and you can only rank for these by writing similar content with some information gain. Almost 14% of keywords have featured snippets and they fall in this category as of my writing this article.

Information Similarity & Information Gain

For  a large number of keywords Google is looking for is  Information Similarity  all the serp features same content but ordered in terms what google thinks is more important which they call EAT.

Example: Search for How many legs horse have you will see a featured snippet with a high confidence
Interestingly three years ago google used to get it wrong and it was fixed in April 2019 

 From an SEO purpose a proposed structure is provide an information gain and you will rank higher the problem is that if you provide an information gain and rank higher than  everybody below will copy that in order to beat you and that information gain will get reverted   .

Artificial Intelligence

These set of keywords which are information similar are around 14% for sure  and makes google ripe for disruption use an AI database and you can create a Search engine which can answer these set of keywords easily 

When Writing with Artificial Intelligence it acts as a glorified autocomplete it will also provide the most common perspective and not something extra but if you have a good domain authority run with it and it should work well for some time till others catch up. If you are not a high domain website and want to use AI it will not work because it will not help provide the information gain needed without the extra human input..

Two Questions to be asked 
  1.  If most of people start to rank using AI content everyone will start writing using AI and it will lead to a stalemate since it is too easy and too widely available there is no advantage in it over the long term i.e Try to do what no one else is doing rather than what everyone else is doing.
  2. What if google or someone else starts to use generative AI to write content for these evergreen topics than they don't need the publishers at all for such subjects Interesting news falls in informatiopn dissimilar content and that will not face the same problem

How Google Determines Helpful Content

Google determines helpful content with Long Clicks and User Satisfaction metrics combined with Machine Learning metrics such as NDCG etc . Mostly it means that if your result gets labeled bad by a human labeller or if machine learning classifier determines your result similar to bad results than you can rank drastically lower..

SEO in 2023

AI has developed so much that we can make 1 click very highly optmized articles using tons of optimization companies surfer , clearscope , marketmuse,frase etc all combined with Jasper and tons of AI tools. This is exploding and should grow more in 2023.

Google AI and SEO in 2023

In 2022 only google is using maching learning and classifiers and is now less dependent on content and links which in inverse means that its engineers cannot pinpoint why a site ranks or why it doesn't makes it perfect for disruption this will continue to grow which means how the human labeller has ranked the training data will determine how sites rank and you cannot grow websites on the basis of great content itself without improving its perception and staying away from spam classifiers.


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