Survey:Digital Marketing in India CMO's perspective

Digital agency Sapient Interactive has released the findings of a survey, titled Digital Marketing: The CMO perspective. The survey figures ...

Digital agency Sapient Interactive has released the findings of a survey, titled Digital Marketing: The CMO perspective. The survey figures out the views of chief marketing officers (CMOs) or marketing heads of 52 organisations represented by sectors such as automobile, airlines, telecom and FMCG on various aspects of digital marketing and commerce. The findings are based on interviews conducted among respondents
  • 17 % of the overall advertising spend goes to digital media, while 24.7 % and 19.4 % of the total advertising amount is allocated to print and TV respectively. Outdoor gets 10 %, while 4.5 % ad spend is allotted to radio.
  • 33 % of the CMOs feel that they are over-spending on print advertising while 22 % on television.
  • 59 % of the respondents would like to invest more in digital advertising.
  • Maximum number of CMOs rated website advertising or product based microsites as most effective. Viral campaigns are regarded as the least effective way of digital advertising. Website advertising and viral campaigns get an average weighted score of 100 and 30.7 respectively.
  • Search marketing campaigns (score of 94) and e-mail marketing (score of 90) are considered as the 2nd and 3rd most effective ways of digital advertising respectively. Banner ads received a score of 78.
  • Almost 100 % of the respondents agreed that the main constraint in adoption of the digital medium for advertisement is the lack of understanding of metrics used to measure the effectiveness of digital advertisement. Another difficulty mentioned by CMOs in adoption of digital media is the inability to adapt traditional media practices to new media.
  • 75 % felt that in the current economic climate, digital channels would take on a greater focus in their overall marketing strategy.
  • Sectors most at ease with adapting to digital media include- Travel, Insurance, Airline/ hospitality, financial services and IT.
Source: Afaqs


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