Social Media casestudy: Mitsubishi Cedia

While very few people have a clue about what to do with social media in India we are seeing lots of new brands experimenting with it in Indi...

While very few people have a clue about what to do with social media in India we are seeing lots of new brands experimenting with it in India. Experience Commerce (EC), a social media agency based in Mumbai has recently launched a new Social media campaign for Mitshubishi Cedia called The Great Driving Challenge. Seemingly inspired by roadies EC dubs the campaign as" It's kind of a reality show on the web where web, mobile, travel, automobile and competition are nicely woven together".
So What is Great Driving Challenge?
This is a driving challenge contest, where team/couple = 1 male + 1 female (>=20 years) regardless of marital status participate and compete with other couples to win Rs 10,00,000 by blogging and tweeting for 12 days while they are traveling.
While I can make out that they are new to social media space and had to use an expensive mainstream print campaign in TOI's sports pages to drive people to the website (which is a sad habit that many agencies seem to have that of going to advertise on print or TV when your TG is on the net and you can reach them much cheaper). However the best thing about the campaign is the whole concept of mixing driving with generating enough user generated content about Mitsubishi cedia with the call for votes and testimonials driving it and I am sure it will attract the right kind of interested audience since it has managed to evoke discussions at places like Team BHP where lots of racing enthusiast hang out but i am still skeptical about its overall reach and there approach in promoting the campaign.


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VJ1681 said...

Hi there!
I do not feel any thing is NOT correct/appropriate regarding Agencies using print and TV as media for such campaigns (at least not in this case for sure). See, the target group here is the guy who will actually bye the car. And this TG is actually very large (many of whom may not be so internet savvy). More and more people from this TG will see the ad in the news paper and will then log on to the site.
Also with the prevalent dismal click through rates (mentioned time and again in previous articles) such a campaign would not generate enough heat unless a 360 degree marketing campaign is not in place to support it.

Abhishek said...

They got 5000 people to visit their site thru print campaign which i can assure can be gotten at much cheaper rates online and that is what i was mentioning and i am not against a 360 campaign

Anonymous said...

5000 visitors may seem few from a print ad, but dont forget they were highly relevant and the agency blog reports a bounce rate of less than 6percent. No online ad gives that stat. Wastage from banner ads is very high..

Kartik Mani said...

Hey Abhishek,

As we embark on a similar project, i couldn't help but correspond with you on your post. I think the Mitsubishi Challenge was a clever use of Mixed media. Why do they need to go traditional when the audience they need must be net savvy? is a good question. But i think traditional media is still needed to build a halo around a project. It is also needed for building momentum. I agree it is much cheaper to get people online, but it is also much easier to lose them online. Somehow other media in India doesn't enjoy the credibility that tradtional media does. Couldn't a brand like Mitsubushi have pulled it off? There, i think you may have a point. But advertisers want to use every opportunity for the brand to be seen, a habit we need to break India Clients out of. Eyeballs still counts bigger than quality contacts.