Trends in Indian Print Advertising during slowdown

This is an economic downturn and there is a sharp drop in marketing and advertising budgets of various companies but this slowdown has caus...

This is an economic downturn and there is a sharp drop in marketing and advertising budgets of various companies but this slowdown has caused some people to innovate and adopt new strategies and approaches to traditional print advertising. This Mint report has some interesting trends
  1. While there may not be a substantial drop in ad rates, media houses are throwing in freebies and value-adds for consumers without changing the rack rate (officially quoted maximum rates), resulting in an effective drop in ad rates which results in an overall discount upto 10-20% through various routes.
  2. Big Bang Approach:There is a rise in new trend that of going for big bang ads running full-page ads, front-page flaps and cover jackets in newspapers and magazines.In a twist of selective scheduling, some advertisers are looking at cutting down on frequency and duration of the ad campaigns and instead running a few big ads during select periods.
  3. Another interesting trend is in categories such as consumer products who are choosing to advertise in bursts at the beginning and end of the month, which may coincide with consumer buying patterns, as opposed to running the campaign throughout the month.
  4. Another trend is the equality in ad rates for national clients and retail (local) clients ,traditionally retail rates are 40-50% lower than regular rates as they are applicable to local businesses which may want their ads to appear only in a local edition. National brands these days are, however, striking rates closer to retail rates for national release.
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Interesting content.

Just wanted to share some information that I came across in a few articles discussing about recession and how we can adopt a different marketing strategy to promote our business. It’s quite eminent that most of the advertisers and businesses are taking to online advertising medium since the Internet has now become a necessity to reach global audience. However, even today there is still a huge chunk of people who do not access Internet and to reach this segment of the society; we can rely on the print media. This in fact would be a great choice for anyone whether they are looking out for global, national or local exposure.

Since the economies are now at the bring of recession, it’s a good idea to consider print media as well in the marketing mix so that you can extend your reach further to get additional traffic to your website or business. You can try a blend of online and print advertising through a reputed ad agency that can help you professionally.