Shahrukh Khan goes virtual for Compaq Campaign

Compaq has created a new microsite called  Letsgetgoin and is using its brand ambassador, film actor Shah Rukh Khan, to talk to its target ...

Compaq has created a new microsite called Letsgetgoin and is using its brand ambassador, film actor Shah Rukh Khan, to talk to its target audience by turning him into a virtual avtaar cum guide. Shahrukh Khan, who is seen representing the brand in the virtual world, has been shot specifically for the website. He guides the consumers in surfing the website and helps them to choose the right laptop or desktop computer. Now the idea of a guide to help drive consumer through buying process is not new but getting your brand ambassador to do it is amazing.
The website, created by the interactive agency, Webchutney, is targeted at individuals in the age group of 18-35 years. On entering the website, consumers are requested to fill in their names and email IDs. Khan welcomes the visitors to the world of Compaq and asks them to enter their mobile number. Once this is entered, a unique code is sent immediately through an SMS to the mobile number; this unique code is necessary to explore the website further. Later, the virtual Khan guides the users in selecting the right laptop or computer. Once the decision has been made, he sends an SMS to inform them about special offers. The aim is to completely drive the sale through their brand ambassador and is first of its kind in India however there are couple of problems one the site is in flash and takes time to load thus diverting customer attention secondly asking user to submit his mobile number before showing him offers is going to put many people drop off at that time still it is an attempt to create differentiation through marketing and that should be appreciated (via afaqs)


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