Mumbai Terror Attack (Updated)

Update: If you are looking for your relatives Check the official list of 345 people injured or dead at Mumbai hel p  Mumbai my city has bee...

Update: If you are looking for your relatives Check the official list of 345 people injured or dead at Mumbai helMumbai my city has been attacked yet again and situation is still fluid even after 21 hours of battle . If you want to get  news as it breaks head to twitter which is doing a very good job and head to wiki for all collected news so far.Live coverage on the net is at IBN and NDTV while the photo besides is that of one of the terrorist at VT. If you want to help by donating blood or find info these  are the places to go 
  • Call 922 222 1947 and tell them you want to donate blood. They'll get back to you when someone needs it OR Send an sms - type BLOOD and send it to 96000 97000, donor will call up for donation
  • J J Hospital Blood Bank: Contact Person : Dr.Ganesh , Dr.Nair -- 022 - 23739400
  • Bombay Hospital: Contact Person : Ms.Purohit -- 22067676 extn 216
  • Cama Hospital Blood Bank : 022-22611648
  • St. George Hospital Direct Blood Bank: Contact Person: Tarun -- 022 – 22620344
  • US State Dept Call Center for Americans concerned about U.S. familyy/friends in Mumbai 1-888-407-4747
  • British Foreign Office help line in London -- 0207 0080000
  • Taj Hotel - 022-66574322, 022-66574372, 1800 111 825;
  • Trident Hotel - 022-23890606 20
  • Oberoi Hotels enquiry no's: +91981095688, 022-23890606, 022-23890505
  • Brazilian help line 9820686143
  • Canadian Helpline 1-613-996-8885, 1-800-387-3124 elsewhere


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Anonymous said...

I feel we must set a target and must work to achieve the same in less then the times specified.

Let's Prove that we Indians are the best and will not take any thing lying down. No need to blame any one we are ourselves to blame and lets not forget our electronic media is also responsible for the same.

Lets forget past and not commit same mistakes and be united and fight the war against terrorist.

Discussing with Pakistan will not serve the purpose as even if we prove they will not accept.

Why should be scared of world to take sever action we are losing life of our citizens and we must protect our lives. If war is the solution we must not hesitate and who is US or UK they have no right to speak in our internal matters we have brought all the evidence and explained them what they have don. They are only trying to sell there equipments and are worried of their business.

If India wants to be super power we must be independent and must take bold decision.

Jai Hind