Online Advertising in India 2008-2009: IMRB research

IMRB has used its internet survey data to come out with an online banner advertising report and claim internet banner ad market will grow fr...

IMRB has used its internet survey data to come out with an online banner advertising report and claim internet banner ad market will grow from Rupees 235 crore this year to 350 crore next year. Just for a comparison Rediff the largest Indian internet site in India posted a revenue of $23.3 million from India last year which is approximately equal to 90 crores and most of its revenue is from display ads that is why I think Online advertising has a bigger scale than reported or maybe it is concentrated in the hand of a few top players. Some key highlights of the report are:
  • 80% of Internet active population has clicked on an ad in 2007.
  • BFSI (Banking, Financial Services and Insurance), online industry and ITES (Information Technology Enabled Services) with 25%, 25% and 13% share were the leading advertisers in the online banner space during the 2007-08 financial year.
  • The internet ad categories with highest degree of recall amongst users are loans by Bank and Financial institutions followed by jobsites.
  • Online advertisements play an important role as awareness generators 41% of the Internet users have searched for additional information after seeing the ad for a job site.
  • Conversions are highest for ads for Holidays and tours and bank loans along with laptops as shown in table above.
IAMAI is a group which is meant to promote online advertising so you can take its report with a touch of salt. You can download the complete report here
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Unknown said...

Web advertising, hasn't delivered its potential value to advertisers. This is partcularly true for contextual advertisement. The main problem is that the marriage of ad and the content of a page is based on algorithms that do not offer satisfactory results in understanding the actual meaning of the content of a web page.

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Anonymous said...

This is true that Online Advertising in India growing very fast. There are several reason for that because online advertising is very cheaper than other advertising medium, second - way of advertising is very fast because internet is fastest mod of communication, third and last of my point is all user of internet are intelligent and educated to understand genuineness of online advertising and experiential marketing.

Inernet Marketing said...

Internet advertising in India still needs to grow multi-fold. A large amount advertising is restricted to big brands and companies and not as much for smaller or local brands.