E commerce in India: Ebay India claims to sell 1 product a minute

eBay's India country manager Ambareesh Murty told ET that they sell 1 product a minute which is a impressive number. 6 months ago eBay h...

eBay's India country manager Ambareesh Murty told ET that they sell 1 product a minute which is a impressive number. 6 months ago eBay had released a e commerce trends list about Indian shoppers about how gadgets were hot in India now they have added to that list a surprising items Jewelery which is the most sought after item.
According to eBay some of e commerce trends on their websites are
  • Jwellery is sold every seven minutes on eBay India.
  • A coin or note sells every 16 minutes
  • A stamp sells every 19 minutes
  • An apparel sells every 22 minutes
  • A book is sold every 27 minutes.
  • Men in the age-group of 25-30 years account for 70-75 per cent of the shoppers
  • Electronic gadgets are popular among male buyers and jewellery is the obvious choice of Indian women
However a look at eBay's site itself tells us that most of their top searches are gadgets and it is diamond which is only jewelery item in their top searches so I am not sure about how other products perform relative to gadgets on eBay.
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Anonymous said...

I think Online Shopping in India is not as much popular as eBay claims their product sale frequency.
Abhishek is it true? What you say?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

ebay India is crap! Fake products dominate, ebay support & the so called guarantee is TOTALLY USELESS and the choice is so limited compared to ebay.com. I reccommed ebid.net or rediff shhopping. Also buynsellindia.com is better as prices are cheaper.

Unknown said...

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