Airtel launches Iphone in India with a Online Marketing Blitz

Airtel has really embarked on a major blitz for the launch of iphone in India today they had all the major Indian portals Rediff,Yahoo, Indi...

Airtel has really embarked on a major blitz for the launch of iphone in India today they had all the major Indian portals Rediff,Yahoo, Indiatimes, AOl, MSN, Cricinfo simultaneously showing ads of iphone on their homepage right through the day this has got to be first time online marketing of this scale has been launched for any product in India. This is a followup of the print campaign wherein Iphone Ad announcing its availabilty was splashed across all major newspapers in India. Airtel is really going after this one Airtel had 2 lakhs booking interest for iphone across the country before they declared the price while Vodafone had 1 lakh.The price at 31k for 8 gb is the only major downer for this awesome ipod+internet+phone combination which was named invention of the year 2007 by Time. There are already reports of only a few people queuing up to buy iphones yesterday night but overall at 31k the negatives of phone become very visible.Here is a Quick review.


  • No fm in iphone
  • You cannot play Mp3 in iphone nor can you use memory card or bluetooth
  • You cannot access itune store in India so you have to download music only by computer
  • Iphone is locked to operator Airtel or Vodafone
  • No 3G in India
  • Awesome Look and UI and just for that it is worth a buy.
  • The Exclusive Factor
The Iphone is being marketed to the internet generation but this generation is very aware and read all the reviews and if Rediff and tech2 messageboards are any indication Apple is missing out on huge volumes by insisting on high price but in this process gaining select Early Adopters who will pay this much just to be in the exclusive club but I expect iphone prices to come down shortly. Those of you looking for iphone alternatives you should look at HTC Touch, HTC diamond and Nokia's soon releasing N96. Interestingly Airtel has challenged Hackers to crack its iphone. If you are interested in more about Iphone in India check out these other links
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chaaichaai said...

If it is not 3G then why bother? Might as well buy the 1G phones from US and use it. It would be lot cheaper and no one is buying 1G anymore in US.

Also you can download AOL Radio [Free] from App Store[ Yes you need to have iTune account and you can not download even free apps without iTune account and you have to provide Credit card # or PayPal account to activate iTune account -sucks] but there are lots of free iphone apps. The ones I downloaded are AOL Radio and "Pandora" for music. BTW to download Apps or apply any firmware, the iphones should not have been unlocked.