Future of Social Networking in India: Has Orkut peaked

Social Networking is the most important factor of growth of internet in India a Juxt Consult survey found that nearly 50% of traffic in Indi...

Social Networking is the most important factor of growth of internet in India a Juxt Consult survey found that nearly 50% of traffic in India is related to Social networking. Orkut has been the one website which has driven the internet growth in India over last three years and has taken the Internet to the masses.
It has also been the primary focus of Google's product development team in India and they have introduced bunch of features to continue its growth like adding pictures and videos and introducing tighter privacy features this while may have arrested the migration to other networks but it also seemed to have led to the peaking of Orkut.
If you look at the Google trends for India search Orkut's searched seem to be declining of late. If we compare it to know if there is some migration to other popular social networks in India like Bigadda or Facebook then on the basis of search comparison it doesn't seems to be so.
though exact number of users on social networks are not available A comparison of Internet Statistics for major Indian Social networks
16.76% of Orkut users are Indian which means greater than 12 million profiles are from India. Not all of whom would be active. Alexa's India ranking 4
Facebook's advertising platform shows that there are only 600,000 users from India. Alexa's India ranking 11
Alexa's India ranking 89
Alexa's India ranking 96
Bigadda claims that number of registered profiles greater than 1.24 million.
Alexa's India ranking 160
Monetization problems
Meanwhile even Google has also found difficulties in monetizing social networks by advertising and Businessweek reported that CTRs are decreasing at Myspace and are at 0.1%. People aren’t looking for information about products in a social network — they’re looking to communicate with friends. In that environment, ads are seen as an intrusion — which is the exact opposite of ads in a search world.In the recent days have also heard lot of startups in social networking field throwing down the towel so is the party over for social networking??


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