10 Amazing Startups to watch out for in 2008

Bernard Lunn at Readwriteweb looked at the dynamics of startups and innovation in India vs. the U.S. He raised a very pertinent question th...

Bernard Lunn at Readwriteweb looked at the dynamics of startups and innovation in India vs. the U.S. He raised a very pertinent question that Why have we not seen a killer product like Google or Ebay or YouTube from India yet?.He rightly points out how Google has a market valuation of $218billion while Infosys has a comparatively meagre valuation of $24 billion.
The best response to it would be a look at most amazing startups who have dared to think a little differently Mint has come out with this list of these startups in India some of whom are mentioned by Bernard in his article also.
Sloka Telecom Pvt. Ltd Space: Telecom infrastructure
The Bangalore-based company claims its technology will help reduce operator capital expenditure (capex) by up to 50%. It recently rolled out its first WiMAX network in Saint Medard en Jalles in France.
Dim Dim Inc. Space:Online Web conferencing
It offers free online Web conferencing solutions based on open source software.
Ziva Software Pvt. Ltd Space: Mobile search
The Bangalore-based start-up, which offers mobile search services under the brand Zook, has recently launched a service to answer any question posed by users, using a combination of database and mobile social communities.
Novatium Solutions (P) Ltd Space: PC hardware
it makes thin client personal computers. Novatium recently tied up with Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Ltd (MTNL) to offer low cost, Internet-enabled PC’s in Delhi.
iXiGO.com (Le Travenues Technology Pvt. Ltd) Space: Online travel
It says its differentiated business model helps reduce cost of operations, which allows it to scale faster. Instead of booking tickets on its site, it re-directs customers to airlines’ home pages, for which it collects a fee from the airlines.
MobME Wireless Solutions Pvt. Ltd Space: Mobile content sharing
Its platform allows users to post and share photos from their mobile phones.It recently tied up with Café Coffee Day to launch a bluetooth-enabled service that allows a user to broadcast his photo on TV screens across 30-odd outlets.
Anantara Solutions Pvt. Ltd Space: IT enabled services
It offers “second generation outsourcing” solutions, which combines IT services with business consulting.
Tyroo Media Pvt. Ltd Space: Online advertising
it is an online advertising network that uses proprietary targeting technology to ensure advertisers reach out to the right websites from its inventory of publishers.
Mango Technologies Pvt. Ltd Space: Mobile applications platforms
It develops mobile platforms to enhance user experience on low-end handsets.
Zoho (AdventNet Inc.) Space: Online Web applications
It offers a number of online office tools such as word processor, project management software and CRM solutions. It competes with Microsoft and Google Inc.


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Follow your DREAMS... said...

I am using Zoho products and it simply Rocks!

It is not only for small offices. There are lot of personal products too.

Their intuitive UI and support response are amazing!!!.

- Gopi
Follow your DREAMS...

Anonymous said...

I think if companies like Infosys close big deals with companies like Microsoft ( http://www.lexdon.com/article/microsoftinfosys_technologies_expand_relationship_with/282631.html ) they will continue to grow.

They do however need to work on getting out from the shadow of the western tech giants.

Abhishek said...

Yes gopal Zoho is the only Indian company in this list which has shown itself capable of competing with international firms.
That is a an interesting article leander however the problem with Infosys is that it has never thought in terms of the development work it does as an IP material and a source of competitive advantage and has usually given away its best work to clients

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I admire Zoho and iXiGO.

These guys both bootstrapped themselves onto success in what were considered overcrowded niches !