Rape Murder and BPO

This might be off topic but is an incident that cannot be ignored.Dec 2005 Pratibha Murthy HP call centre employee raped and killed by driv...

This might be off topic but is an incident that cannot be ignored.Dec 2005 Pratibha Murthy HP call centre employee raped and killed by driver, Earlier this year, a 20-year-old girl, working in a Gurgaon based call centre was picked up from outside a roadside eatery in New Delhi and raped by a driver hired by call center and now Jyoti Chowdhury of Wipro BPO picked by driver and then brutally raped and killed in Pune.
Why is this happening and why are companies so lax about it, they keep outsourcing the transportation work and faced with heavy growth are lax about checking the profiles of the drivers and results are incidents like this.Most amazing are the responses by companies like Wipro BPO head who distanced himself from the incident by saying that Jyoti didn't followed security norms by going into an empty cab without a male employee and that is it isn't the company as much responsible for hiring such a driver or ensuring that such norms are followed? In case you move in the evening in Bangalore you can see these Drivers of call centers going around picking and dropping people and working like a taxi en route to picking an employee are you going to trust these drivers, many of these drivers are drunk while driving the cabs do these companies notice ?? there are many questions that need to be answered.
According to police and Wipro staffers in Pune, the accused were aware that the male employee who was to accompany Jyoti, had taken a leave. ‘‘Taking advantage of the situation, they picked her up,’’ .Jyoti had assumed that the driver’s accomplice was the male employee and had got into the cab. Jyoti was a BSC graduate from Gorakhpur and was staying with her married sister in Pune IBNLive reports more on the murder
The incident took place hours after Jyoti Chowdhury, the 22-year-old employee at a Wipro call centre in Pune, left Panchavati Apartment Complex for office on Thursday night.The office pickup vehicle, an Indica, had picked her up at around 10:30 pm, but the driver, instead of going straight to office, took Jyoti somewhere else, saying there was another person who need to pick up. Jyoti wasn't surprised. She was talking to a friend on her phone when the phone suddenly went dead.
"While she was speaking, the phone went dead. And her boyfriend alerted her sister in Delhi. The case was registered by Jyoti's family on Friday morning.Police subsequently picked up the two men, who later confessed to the dreadful act. The car driver said he picked up an accomplice on the way and then took the vehicle to an isolated village, called Gehungi, off the Mumbai-Pune highway. The two raped the girl there and then killed her with a blunt object.


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