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New York Times has an article on how now Indian software companies have themsleves begun outsourcing work to other parts of the world. Now t...

New York Times has an article on how now Indian software companies have themsleves begun outsourcing work to other parts of the world. Now this news comes after the fact that HCL already had done a branding campaign and Infosys,Wipro and TCS had also started branding themselves. These are the signs of how these software factories are adapting thmeselves to the changing realities. Even though they still get million of resumes they don't get the best talent in India which goes to the higher salary paying startups and Multinationals and so they are left to fight the battle .Now they are adopting the same strategy in internationallly by hiring people with no software skills thus available at low costs and then training them and who will jump the ship when they get a better offer still it is a good short term strategy that will work and help them fight competition. Some exercepts from the article which seems to be another work of Infosys's marketing team in action

To fight on the shifting terrain, and to beat back emerging rivals, Indian companies are hiring workers and opening offices in developing countries themselves, before their clients do.

For its part, Infosys is building a whole archipelago of back offices — in Mexico, the Czech Republic, Thailand and China, as well as low-cost regions of the United States.
The company seeks to become a global matchmaker for outsourcing: any time a company wants work done somewhere else, even just down the street, Infosys wants to get the call.

In May, Tata Consultancy Service, Infosys’s Indian rival, announced a new back office in Guadalajara, Mexico; Tata already has 5,000 workers in Brazil, Chile and Uruguay.Cognizant Technology Solutions, with most of its operations in India, has now opened back offices in Phoenix and Shanghai.

In one project, an American bank wanted a computer system to handle a loan program for Hispanic customers. The system had to work in Spanish. It also had to take into account variables particular to Hispanic clients: many, for instance, remit money to families abroad, which can affect their bank balances. The bank thought a Mexican team would have the right language skills and grasp of cultural nuances.
But instead of going to a Mexican vendor, or to an American vendor with Mexican operations, the bank retained three dozen engineers at Infosys, which had recently opened shop in Monterrey, Mexico.Such is the new outsourcing: A company in the United States pays an Indian vendor 7,000 miles away to supply it with Mexican engineers working 150 miles south of the United States border.

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