India's Best Blogs (Top 15 Blogs of India) August 2007

Well this blog completes its 100 posts with this post and to celebrate it I have decided to publish the list of India's top 15 bloggers....

Well this blog completes its 100 posts with this post and to celebrate it I have decided to publish the list of India's top 15 bloggers.Now there are loads Indians in the blogosphere and so finding out best Indian blogs is a difficult task you can use Alexa's rankings or Technocrati's rankings or take the number of users subscribed to a feed but each one of them gives a different rankings of best blogs so i decided to build a model which is a combination of rankings of Alexa, Technocrati, Bloglines and Google's pagerank in order to come up with a overall rankings of best blogs. So here is the list top 15 of india's best blogs mind you lower the score higher the rank
  1. Digital Inspiration (score 1178.8)
  2. Amit Agarwal holds an Engineering degree in Computer Science from IIT . In 2004, Amit quit his job to become the first professional blogger in India.Amit blogs at Digital Inspiration on computers, software, consumer technology and internet.
  3. QuickOnlinetips(score 2513.9)
    Quick Online Tips is a popular blog regularly publishing Technology news, smart blogging tips, useful computer software and Web 2.0 services.
  4. JohnTP(score 3002.7)
  5. 24 year old JohnTP blogs on Technology news, Softwares, Tips to Tweak Windows Vista and XP, WordPress Themes and Plugins, Blog tips and Making Money Online.
  6. TechBuzz(score 4920.4)
  7. 17 year old ThilakRaj shares tech tips and news
  8. Clazh(score 5407.75)
  9. 23 year old Arpit jacob written blog focuses on Technology News, Open Source, Web 2.0, Blogging, Web Developement and Design
  10. Brajeshwar(score 5643.6)
  11. Probably one of the oldest blogs (since 2001) in India dedicated again to tech stuff
  12. Sepia Mutiny(score 8404.9)
  13. 2nd gen indians write about desi way of life
  14. 9065.5)
    Another blog dealing with computers, technology
  15. Mahanandi(score 10578.6)
    Cooking with Consciousness ~ Recipes from India and the World
  16. 11507.45)
    Another blog about Blogging, Technology, Making Money, Entertainment
  17. 11966.35)
    Silicon Valley Entrepreneur and Strategy Consultant Sramana Mitra writes about Entrepreneurship, Venture Capital, Business Strategy, Emerging Technology,
  18. Kamat's Potpourri(score 11980.05)
    Kamat's Potpourri is the webzine showcasing the works of the Kamat family. You will find topics ranging from pre-historic rock art to protecting the environment.
  19. Desipundit(score 13621.55)
    news from Indian blogosphere
  20. India Uncut(score 15302.65)
    Amit Verma on India
  21. 18673.5)
    Ruminations on the Internet, Technology, and Interesting Trends around the globe by Michael parekh

This post has received overwhelming response and has been digged and added to Indianpad and stumbled.I will try to cover more blogs and add a category wise rankings next time In case you disagree with these rankings or feel some other blogs need to be featured then please drop in a comment with the link of the blog.


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Anonymous said...

Nice list, How many blogs were considered for the list?

Abhishek said...

30 of technocrati's top blogs were considered for the list having the tag india in them

Anonymous said...

You have not included by S.V.Narendra. Its growing fast.:D

Anonymous said...

Nice list - but I would say its a bit incomplete.

Almost all the blogs listed here are concentrated on technology followed by money making.

How can important blogs on finance and investments like this one: be left out?
The author, Shobhit, is MBA graduate from Rotterdam School of Mgmt and commands very good knowledge on Investments. As many bloggers have pointed out, his blog articles are eye-opening and attempt to bring some sanity to the Indian public who are just going after the stock market.

He also has a useful "Table of Contents" link for easy navigation and the Best articles as rated by the visitors are available in the top left corner of each webpage.
Such wonderful blogs should not be left out from best blog list.

Rangan Badri said...

While I am not disputing the selected blogs, your mentioning about the Technorati criteria is slightly disturbing.
Gaining authority in Technorati is now the most easiest thing to do with several blog posts dedicated to technorati favorite exchange.

I fully agree with your top vote for Amit's Digital Inspiration. He is really good.

Rangan Badri said...

Thank you very much Abhishek.
I blogged it. Pl read it here.

Abhishek said...

Nivedita the blogs here are those who are actually popular and since the topics of money making & technology is quite popular on the net so that's why they dominate in this list. Thankx Malathy for blogging it the other criterias besides technorati ensured that just spam blogs without any traffic didn't made it to the list.

Anonymous said...

Really surprising to see not on the list!

Anonymous said...

I stumbled upon this site yesterday - It looks very nice and seems just started. Anyone having more info on it?

Anonymous said...

Hi Abhishek, This is Vinay of I am privileged to see my blog ranked at #10. I have taken over this blog from a Bangladeshi (a desi no doubt!) and now it is very much owned by an Indian! Desinotes has certainly gained credibility in the blogoshpere and it is growing very fast. The blog will continue to focus on technology, blogging, entertainment and it will now get an Indian angle to it with me at the helm. Thanks again for compiling the list. Regards, Vinay

Anonymous said...

Piyush - you've said blogadda but linked to If you're asking about indiblogger, you can read about them here:

I love the indiblogger badges, but can't figure out how to use them - can someone here help me out?

Anonymous said...

Great list... I looked up all the blogs .. really high quality ones I must say...

Anonymous said...

how about i consider my blog pretty good ..what do u think

Anonymous said...

Interesting post Abhishek . The debate above is not surprising given the bold nature of the post title.

Anonymous said...

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Ayushman said...

I checked all the blogs. All of the blogs were quite interesting.

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Bollywood said...

its amazing Top blogger list, i already visited all the sites & find they are pretty well managed, keep sharing with us.