60 Years of Independence Where are we headed and a Orkut poll

Day after tomorrow on August 15 th we celebrate our 60 th Independence day full of hope, enthusiasm and excitement.India's happening...

Day after tomorrow on August 15th we celebrate our 60th Independence day full of hope,enthusiasm and excitement.India's happening place and is the toast of the season like never before but there are some important questions to be asked while the urban India's fast changing and is full of opportunities the rural India's falling behind and economic disparities are growing at a rapid pace.There are 300 million Indian middle class full of new found money and ready to flaunt it but there are still 700 million people belonging to lower income group a vast majority of which struggles to earn a decent meal.India is facing biggest rural immigration of all times there is now gr8 degree of chaos and congestion in India's Metros and the key difference in India and China is growth came to china through their political system while in India it has come despite of our political system(25% of whom have a criminal case against them).The key question we have to ask is where are we headed to glory or to trouble.
On this occasion of India @ 60 Most of media is covering it be it international or Indian
Orkut's India team is celebrating it by hosting a poll on We love India community some relevant questions like
What should be the most important focus area for India during the next 10 years?
India is synonymous with and some interesting questions like
Which is the most popular movie since independence?
Who is your favourite Indian fictional character? check it out at
orkut Blog: 60 Years of Independence- Tell Us What You Think! .
Others are also writing about it Time is covering it with a story A young Giant awakens on three generations of a family in NewDelhi which has seen three aspects of India.Telegraph is covering with India:the empire strikes back .Business World is covering it with a special edition State of the Nation .Times of India had Shashi Tharoor writing about 60 years of Independence and Democracy


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Unknown said...

after such a long period of freedom beside growth in economy we have equally marched towards corruption, nepotism, black marketing, discrimination against girl child birth.

Abhishek said...

very well said but maybe economic growth and higher literacy levels may help in reducing the wrongs