Worst of Viral marketing Ibibo continues to sink (Blog piracy)

While surfing on social bookmarking site bestofindya I realized that I have been robbed of my posts 10 reasons india's crazy about Ork...

While surfing on social bookmarking site bestofindya I realized that I have been robbed of my posts 10 reasons india's crazy about Orkut and India world's 5th largest market by an Ibibo blogger and worse it was being promoted at bestofindya.this continues to highlight the tragic fact that Ibibo has now become a hotbed of poor quality bloggers who in their quest for earning money will fall to any extent and this has created lot of discontent amongst the blogging community in India.
Ibibo was launched by MIH which is part of Naspers a multi billion dollar media company. The website was launched in august of 2006 and to boost its blogging numbers in india it decided to pay cash for blogging and since then has become notorious for its bloggers stealing content from various Sulekha blogs alootechie has a story about it here.Its formula was interesting as it along with rediff iland both believe in increasing social networking with blogging something which has worked well at iland though even there lots of blogs just contain quotes and jokes copied from net but still at iland you can find some goood bloggers.Ibibo however decided upon paying cash for blogging and reducing blogging to popularity contest it did not focused on content which resulted in people posting just about anything and everything they could find about blogs from the net which has led to many talented bloggers leaving the site.It now seems more like a SNS site rather than blogging with the site full of people posting just about anything they can find on the net and concentrating on quantity rather than quality.So if you have 24hours net and hope to win some money then u can head to ibibo and start posting anything you can get on ibibo
This attempt by Ibibo to buy users has been criticized by lot of respected bloggers ranging from
Youth Curry by JAM editor Rashmi Bansal
Contentsutra by amit
Rajiv Harjai has even launched a scathing attack on Ibibo
it has successfully managed to get a good user base but the question remains as to wat will happen once the contest gets over will users remain on ibibo
The worst part is CEO of MIH internet operations is Ashish Kashyap who was formerly country head of google India's sales operation


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Hamilton Alexander said...

I’ve also written about this. However my focus was on after effects of CP contests.

A point to be noted here: Today when i checked alexa, pageview average of ibibo has come down by 10 percent. (it was just 3 yesterday). That shows that people are not getting value addition by visiting more blogs and so restrict to few blogs alone. Now ibibo may announce more points for pAsting 5* comments on other blogs. hahaha.

I wish ibibo change its strategy fast and come out successful as a quality player…

Unknown said...

nice article