Battle for Search engine pie in India(Google vs Guruji vs Byindia)

The war for Indian Search engine space is heating up with two challengers Guruji and Byindia challenging google's hegemony in india by o...

The war for Indian Search engine space is heating up with two challengers Guruji and Byindia challenging google's hegemony in india by offering india specific search but google is not taking it easy and has taken lot of initiatives to connect to indians.

Guruji is getting a lot of limelight in Indian media with both Domain-b and Hindu this is mainly because of credentials behind Guruji.Guruji is a search engine developed by 2 IIT Delhi graduates Anurag Dod an Electrical engineer and Masters in Computers from Michigan with experience in companies like ebay and Gaurav Mishra a Comp Science Engineer and Masters from NY with Experience in companies like Microsoft and Nokia along with these solid credentials they are backed by Sequoia Capital who originally backed google and Suvir Sujan co founder of which was acquired by ebay. The most interesting feature of guruji is its city specific search for which they have collaborated with infomedia which publishes city specific yellow pages.It has a very simple google like interface which only gives desi sites as results and also has regional searches like tamil where you can even type in Tamil.There major concern seems to be talent pool for which they are in direct competition with google.

Compared with Guruji Byindia was a site which was bought by Web2corp and has been turned into a portal which also provides india specific search they have their focus on email ,blogs etc however they have a much higher Alexa ranking which puts them at 121 in India compared to Guruji's ranking of 376 in india however the traffic trend is increasing for guruji while it seems rather flat for Byindia.

India is a market which Google CEO has already predicted will become world's largest online market in future and so google is not going to take it easy in India. Google india has shifted focus to rural markets in India and is partnering with local vendors for more local content. The customised content for rural customers would include weather updates, crop patterns and other local is also betting heavily on mobile and is going to launch google talk and google maps on mobiles in India Google is also plannning to introduce Orkut in other Indian languages as well as launch in India a mobile version of Orkut as reported in Business Standard


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Anonymous said...

Google India vs Yahoo India vs Guruji may be OK.

ByIndia ??? :-) LOL

Abhishek said...

With an Alexa Rank which puts them as India's 3rd Search engine after Google and Yahoo and a backing of foreign group you can't ignore them