Nautanki and Viral marketing

Well on the top of this pages you are now getting live streaming video content from guys already featured on Businessworld...

Well on the top of this pages you are now getting live streaming video content from guys already featured on Businessworld and other magazines and are the guys who seem to me capable of filling young India's entertainment needs they have an idea that is different from hordes of other entrepreneurs who are entering Indian market and have built a so far successful network about it and claim a 500000 viewers for their content.They had set out to launch a TV channel but realizing that they needed 300 crores for that they ended up creating an online tv network.It is still in beta and does not seem to have more than an hour of content for the day but what is interesting is there decision to go viral with a monetary incentive aka Google AdWords. Now bloggers like me are syndicating their content and showcasing it on websites and so their numbers are on the rise.However there are still some question before they make it big firstly are they capable of handling the increased traffic content from referring sites secondly do they have quality content to back it up since they face competition from rajshri and star who are also putting content online and also have superior content and lastly what about security they have already suffered a hacking attack.Btw they have rates of Rs25 per view of ads which are their main revenue stream.In comparison with Rajshri which has Alexa rank of 10,729 while Nautanki's rank is 618,338 but the new buzz shall definitely improve nautanki i hope.


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Anonymous said...

interesting gud post !!

Anonymous said...

This is so STUPID~~~i hav an inside scoop on this this firm~~~the story is my friend runs a internet consulting firm and he recruited a girl for the girl was pregnant
and the guys of knew that she was pregnant. Till 3 months they made the girl work~~~every thing was going perfectly fine...but when it came to pay my friend
(who actually recruited her) they said that we are firing that girl since she is very inefficient(when she actually wasnt). They didnt pay my friend a single penny. Such a thing is totally unacceptable.
So the owners of if you cant pay your bills better close down the company ~~~and bloggers better stick too GOOGLE ADSENSE~~~this company wont pay you a single penny.

Anonymous said...


wow that real sad~~~i better not reffer nautanki to anyone~~~such a thing is disgusting~~

Abhishek said...

If this is true then this is very sad I am however no longer endorsing nautanki and their ads no longer feature here since i believe Google adsense is a better option

Anonymous said...

i just sent my cv to work with them...

the news is more than an year old now.. is the co. still like that?