India most Popular Sites

Yahoo! Google India Google Rediff Microsoft Network (MSN) YouTube Windows Live Well This list is according ...

  1. Yahoo!
  3. Google India
  4. Google
  5. Rediff
  6. Microsoft Network (MSN)
  8. YouTube
  9. Windows Live

Well This list is according to ALEXA and surprise of surprises Yahoo tops even though we know these rankings can be manipulated we must still give some credit to them. I think Yahoo is at top basically because it was one of the first website that people were exposed to in India and with it's hindi sounding name.I suppose people still use it for chat & mail but my belief is that if it comes to reading articles and all Rediff would be higher

If you see Top 50 at ALEXA u will see Masalatalk,DebonairBlog,Xboard.US,Rapidshare also there which are basically porno forums of Indian origin.

Shaadi,Wiki,Icici,Indiatimes,ebay,Moneycontrol,Sulekha and other job portals and others form a part of ALEXA top 50.Interesting Scope for Online Marketing here


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