CAT 2007 Analysis and the issue of reservations

Well diverting away from my blog I just got hold of PDF providing lots of statistical data provided by IIMB site www This is ...

Well diverting away from my blog I just got hold of PDF providing lots of statistical data provided by IIMB site

This is statistician's delite and when backed by own Term paper for comm course on CAT percentiles leads me to believe some points
1. Most of the OBC's seems to be performing quite well without resevations and if we need reservations its only for OBC's who are not engineers and not males
2. Average OBC Percentile score is 97.73 which 16% higher than SC students and they still need reservation i think these statistics should be used to debate who actually needs reservation
3. To get a call from IIM B you need to have good acads ( P.S I didn't get a B call and my acads in Bachelors is bad so tht's a criteria only specific to B it seems).
4. Even though 48% of applicants to CAT were engineers the % selected for GD/PI goes as high as 84% which seems due to Quant where the avg Percentile goes as high as 97.3 for a general candidate.
5. It seems there is a marked trend about Bschools opting for work-ex people


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Anonymous said...

Please read these comments to know how important it is to stop the reservations and get rid of the caste system.

‘’We are the only nation in the world were people fight to be called backward rather than forward.'’
- Narayan Murthy

“India is ready to discuss racism as long as it is in other countries, but not caste in its own backyard.”
- Dipankar Gupta, professor of sociology , J.N.U. New Delhi

‘’In place of appealing for removal and abolishing this old curse on India, all the Indians have been shamelessly accepting the caste system imposed upon by their Religion. People are fighting against the reservation quota. Is there a single sensible person who wants to fight against the caste system which is the main reason for the quota ? ‘’
- Damien Rebello

Caste conscious lunatics and live in this lunatic asylum, of course against our will, and ‘blessed’ with an eternal curse of associating with the insane. The Indian caste system is pointedly diabolical. It is a real curse.
- Swami Vivekananda

Year 2006 : Indian newspapers carry daily stories of atrocities against Dalits or young couples being killed, sometimes by their own families, for daring to fall in love with someone from another caste. The caste based communities in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh have militants to terminate people belonging to the other caste. In spite of all this the Indians think that they are making progress.
- from DailyNews U.K.

Nobody is saying that the caste system should be praised, for it has indeed degenerated India’s self-pride.
- Francois Gautier

Without question, caste system is the curse for India, and it has humiliated millions through the ages. Caste is India’s sorrow, the apartheid that makes Indians hang their heads in shame. Caste serves as the prime reason for conversions even today.
- Barbara Crossette

So you see to what extent this disgraceful caste system has taken us? Our political parties trade on it, our governments use it, our police connive at it. There is a nexus of criminals, police and government, as everybody knows, and we suffer.
- Shri Parthasarathi

India’s real curse lies in the fact that, 57 years after Independence, people continue not only to face daily injustices, but they can be murdered, raped and viciously humiliated merely because they have tried to break out of the caste trap to assert their rights as equal beings.
- (Human Rights Report)

Abhishek said...

These are great collection of eye opening comments Rashmi I hope our politicians realize this fact and stop dividing us on the basis of caste